Free Downloads

These are a few basic projects that we’ve developed throughout the years.  We’ve made them available to you for free so you can get an idea of the types of interfaces we develop for our clients.

The Batch Program Creator
The Rynix Flight Planner
UAC Icon Remover

Are you familiar with Batch Programming? Whether you’re familiar or not, you will find this tool to be one of the best utilities to code and compile batch programs with. It includes an inbuilt Beginner’s Guide and a very useful automatic syntax insertion feature.


This utility removes that ugly and bulky UAC shield that appears on some application icons. It was coded using our very own Batch Program Creator, to create a neater and more attractive desktop for the user. It requires no setup, just download it, follow the onscreen instructions and you’re good to go.

Compatible with: Windows Vista / 7.

The Rynix Flight Planner was not actually developed for planning flights, it was coded for experimentation with databases and desktop applications. It automatically saves each modified entry and stores each database in the user’s personal folder. The application requires no setup, it's just a one-click application that is ready to go as soon as you download it.


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